6 Reasons the KonMari Method Does Not Work With Books

  Photo credit: Barbara Delinsky   A week ago, I had no idea who Marie Kondo was.  Then, after rushing past yet one more article about her now-viral KonMari Method of decluttering a home, I slowed and took a closer look. Marie Kondo is a professional tidier-upper.  The star of several books, a ton of videos, and as of January 1 of this year, a Netflix show, she [...]

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This is Why I Have Four Reasons For Hope

No, this is not a political blog. I’m not touting one candidate over another. The election of 2018 is over. Some races went the way I wanted, others did not. For me, though, four things stand out. Four BIG reasons for hope:  Women can do it. Record numbers of women ran – and WON – on issues about which they care. We still have ways to go before we have [...]

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My Take on Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, and The Supreme Court

* * * WARNING:  This blog contains my personal opinions.  If you do not wish to hear them, please do not read this.  Thank you. * * * Is anyone out there as distraught over the circus of the Supreme Court/Senate Judiciary Committee hearing as I am? I believe Dr. Ford is telling the truth. I also believe Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth. And therein lies the absolute tragedy [...]

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How to Write Like Delinsky: Five Rules Of Writing

Some things are ingrained from childhood. One of those, for me, is the start of the school year. New clothes, new books, new classes, new rules – I may have outgrown the first three, but the part about rules never leaves. So I start off the 2018-2019 learning year with FIVE Rules of Writing. If you think they’re just for you, think again. I’m heavily into writing my next book, [...]

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This is The Behind-The-Scenes Story of ‘Flirting With Pete’

If you think you’ve read every story I’ve written, you’re wrong. Well, partly wrong. A while back, I wrote a novella, roughly 175 pages, that was deeper, darker, and more daring than anything I’d ever written. At the time, I had a slew of romances under my belt, and had moved into mainstream women's fiction with titles like For My Daughters, which deals with a dying mother’s last wish; Shades of [...]

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I love Pub Day—I Hate Pub Day Photos

Pub day is like a birthday. It comes every year at the same time, so readers know to expect it. You make lists of what you want and lists of what you hope. You wait for it … wait for it … wait for it. Then, finally, it’s here. You’re a year older. But you have a new book, new cover, new sales goal. You may also have a new [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Love Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal, which is why one of my favorite scenes in the upcoming BEFORE AND AGAIN is Maggie Reid and her mother having room-service breakfast in their suite at the Devon Inn and Resort. Maple bacon, scrambled eggs, thick wheat toast, fresh berries with clotted cream? I drool as I write this, and Maggie and her mom didn’t even have sticky buns! I’m a morning person. I [...]

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Four Reasons Why I Listen to Classical Music

I never used to. Well, I did occasionally, but it wasn’t my go-to station when I was in the car.  I mean, I’ve always appreciated classical music. I just never before needed it as much as I do now. What changed? Donald Trump came to power. That single happening has been so loud, so ugly, so divisive, that I need a break from the continual national noise. Sure, I could listen to pop music, [...]

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These Are MY Reasons For Spring Cleaning

Are you into this? Such a cliché, the expression “spring cleaning," and I never consciously set out to do it. But here I am, again this March as I do every March, sorting through unnecessary paper on my desk, disposing of expired food in my pantry, weeding winter-weary clothes from my closet. I tell myself that as the days get longer, it’s just an issue of my having an excess [...]

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The Truth About Why I Don’t Own a Gun

Why I Don’t Own a Gun It goes back to my childhood when I never had a toy gun. For one thing, I was a girl, and guns were considered improper toys for girls. For another, my parents never owned guns – largely because their parents had grown up in the shadow of Hitler, a time when soldiers came to the door with loaded guns and took innocent people away. [...]

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