A writer is an artist. We paint pictures with words, whether in describing a location, a character, or a dilemma. It follows that we may have other artistic interests, though in my case ‘follow’ is misleading. I was a photographer first. I taught myself how to use an SLR when my oldest child was born, began free-lancing for a local newspaper to support the habit, and found that the writing I did for the paper was better than the photos I took.

So I focused on writing. But I never lost my love of photography. I‘m continually playing with new subjects, new angles, new lighting, so that my repertoire now includes still life and landscapes, as well as shots of me, my family, and our pets.

Still life, landscape, personal – this Gallery has a room for each. You’ll find pictures of flowers and food, taken in the light box in my office. You’ll find landscapes, many from my New England travels, and why not? I write about New England because I love New England. I photograph New England for the same reason. I do travel elsewhere , Pandemic permitting, and will share those spots with you as well.

Annnnnd, because I’m sure you’re wondering, I’ll post personal shots as well, me with my family or my grandkids or my cat. I’ll include pictures of me as a child, then as an author – like my author photos over the years. I have more than 60,000 digital photos, ripe for the picking. So here goes.

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