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Personal bios are really hard to write for those of us who make a living dramatizing bios for pretend people. Anything I write about me feels totally boring. But it is what it is. So here goes.

I was born and raised in suburban Boston. My mother’s death, when I was eight, was the defining event of a childhood that was otherwise ordinary.


About Before and Again

Mackenzie Cooper does not want to be who she was — the one who was driving with her eyes on her phone just long enough to cause a deadly accident that cost her everything. In order to survive, she becomes someone new, someone better — until the past returns.

“Delinsky’s novel expertly explores the depths of Maggie’s guilt and redemption, as she learns not only how to find closure from the tragedies of the past but to forge a future in which she can forgive herself. This is a rewarding, emotionally intense novel.”
-Publishers Weekly


What Barbara’s Reading

Sounds Like Titanic

Here’s a first for me.  I did a total turnaround regarding Sounds Like Titanic.  Listening to it on Audible, at first I thought I’d die.  Between the unusual writing style and the melodrama in the [...]

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