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About Barbara

Personal bios are really hard to write for those of us who make a living dramatizing bios for pretend people. Anything I write about me feels totally boring. But it is what it is. So here goes.

I was born and raised in suburban Boston. My mother’s death, when I was eight, was the defining event of a childhood that was otherwise ordinary.


About Before and Again

Mackenzie Cooper does not want to be who she was — the one who was driving with her eyes on her phone just long enough to cause a deadly accident that cost her everything. In order to survive, she becomes someone new, someone better — until the past returns.

Before and Again is a story of vital relationships — mothers and daughters, spouses and siblings, true companions and fair weather friends — and the courage it takes to make them work.


What Barbara’s Reading

Gradle Bird

How to describe GRADLE BIRD?  I’ve been trying to come up with the right word since I finished reading the book.  Is it unique?  Touching?  Quirky?  Weird?  Depressing?  Uplifting?  Enlightening? It’s all of the above, [...]

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Latest Blog Entry

Four Reasons Why I Listen to Classical Music

I never used to. Well, I did occasionally, but it wasn’t my go-to station when I was in the car.  I mean, I’ve always appreciated classical music. I just never before needed it as much as I do now. What changed? Donald Trump came to power. That single happening has been so loud, so ugly, so divisive, that I need a break from the continual national noise. Sure, I could [...]

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