The Secret Between Us

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Published by: Anchor
Release Date: July 28, 2009
Pages: 448
ISBN13: 978-0307388476



Physician Deborah Monroe and her teenage daughter Grace are driving home one night in a raging rainstorm when their car hits a man who is on foot on the road. He subsequently dies, throwing Deborah and Grace into emotional turmoil. They share a secret concerning the accident, a lie that takes on a life of its own and threatens both their everyday lives and the special bond between them. And it refuses to go away, growing larger with each denial, jeopardizing ties Deborah has with her renegade sister and their father, a recent widower, and with the ex-husband whose role in their children’s lives is at stake. As details emerge about the accident victim – an aloof local teacher who wove his own web of secrecy – Deborah must find a way to reconcile her worst fears with the truth of that terrible night.

The Secret Between Us is about a lie gone wrong, about making bad choices for the right reasons. This book explores the limits of responsibility – mother to daughter, daughter to father, husband to wife. It examines the price that we pay for denying the truth.




“…splendid latest exploration of family dynamics. Delinsky combines her understanding of human nature with absorbing, unpredictable storytelling – a winning combination.”
—Publishers Weekly starred review

“…a polished drama… well-crafted and satisfying.”
—Kirkus Review

“…an engaging story…”

“…page-turner, which deftly and realistically addresses family issues like parental expectations and disapproval, divorce and secrets, as well as small-town issues like preferential treatment and gossip. In addition to being immensely readable, Delinsky’s latest is thought-provoking…”
—Starred Library Journal Review

“Love and lies intertwine in this gripping read.”

“…insightful… Delinsky is a first-rate storyteller who creates believable, sympathetic characters who seem as familiar as your neighbors.”
—The Boston Globe


They were arguing in the seconds before impact. Later, Deborah Monroe would agonize about that, wondering whether, had she been focused solely on the road, she might have seen something sooner and been able to prevent what occurred - because the argument had been nearly as distracting as the storm. She and her daughter never argued. They were similar in looks, temperament, and interests. Deborah rarely had to tweak Grace - her son, Dylan, yes, but not Grace. Grace usually understood what was expected and why.
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‘Where do I get my ideas? This is the one question readers most often ask. Sometimes, as was the case with Family Tree, the answer isn’t simple, in that the idea may be a composite of several different threads. Not so with The Secret Between Us. The inspiration for this book came from a distinct source, once that has been brewing in my mind for years.

Remember Grace Kelly? Born into Philadelphia society, she became an actress who starred in such movies as ‘Dial M For Murder,’ ‘Rear Window,’ and ‘To Catch a Thief.’ Known as much for her elegance, beauty, and – yes – grace, she left acting after a mere five years and eleven films, to marry Prince Ranier of Monaco.

As a princess, she was widely revered. She died suddenly and tragically, at the age of 52, when her car plunged down an embankment. Her daughter Stephanie, who was seventeen at the time, survived the accident with only minor injuries.

I remember this very clearly. Having lost my own mother when I was young, I felt deeply for Stephanie. But I always wondered about that accident, particularly when the girl spent much of the next decade acting out. My imaginative mind conjured a scenario that was very different from the official one. In mine, Stephanie was at the wheel that fateful day.

I write fiction. I think fiction. Still, Grace’s death and its aftermath stuck with me. The facts of the opening scenario of The Secret Between Us are different from that of Grace Kelly’s death, but readers will definitely see the connection.’

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