This is Why I Have Four Reasons For Hope

This is Why I Have Four Reasons For Hope by @barbaradelinsky #hope

No, this is not a political blog. I’m not touting one candidate over another. The election of 2018 is over. Some races went the way I wanted, others did not.

For me, though, four things stand out.

Four BIG reasons for hope: 

  1. Women can do it. Record numbers of women ran – and WON – on issues about which they care. We still have ways to go before we have equal representation in Congress, but this is a good start.


  1. Big money can be beaten. When hundreds of thousands of individuals chip in whatever small amount they can afford, record amounts of money pour in. And why not? Who would you rather an elected official be accountable to – a PAC or the American people?


  1. Polls don’t matter. Yes, pollsters did better this time around than in 2016. But they still missed it in several important races, the lesson of which is that polls do not – should not – determine an election.


  1. Good people are out there, and they’re finally getting involved. Many of these new faces ran for the sake of our country rather than power; a breath of fresh air in this.

Others have hope 

Earlier today I received an email from a candidate who ran on the power of the people, grassroots all the way.  He lost the election but came so far from behind, so close to winning that he will be back.

“Miss being part of something so much bigger than me or my life,” he writes.  “We were doing this for one another, doing this the right way, doing this for our country.”

He goes on. “Future campaigns will be won, influenced by the one we built. Candidates will run who otherwise wouldn’t have.  Some will take heart in knowing that you don’t have to accept PAC money, you don’t have to hire a pollster to know how to think or what you want to say.”

And finally, “I feel responsible to you, to our country, to my kids, and to my conscience to make sure that we continue to find a way to respond to the urgency that we still feel.”

My message of hope

On that heartfelt note, here’s one from me. I love it when you all post blog comments. But please. If you think I’m criticizing your side, reread what I’ve written here.

I believe in these United States, with its diversity of background and difference of views. That’s what DEMOCRACY means.

P.S., democracy starts at home. If you think my husband and I haven’t had hard discussions over the last few months about respect for women, think again. We’ve struggled to express different opinions in a thoughtful, respectful way. We’re still struggling. Learning to communicate about tough subjects is a work in progress.

As it is in our country.


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  1. Linda S Moore on November 13, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    I loved this and so totally agree. It was a good election in so many ways. America is a great country. It’s just been sidetracked for a couple of years. Thanks for writing this.

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