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Archive for August 2012

Are those rave book reviews legit?

I’m referring to “reader reviews” at online bookstores, and I’ve always been a little envious, to tell the truth.  I don’t get many reader reviews of my books – at least, not as many as some of my competition get.  I always figured it was because I didn’t solicit them.  I mean, I prize your…

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Knitting vs. beading

If you regularly read this blog, you know I love knitting and crocheting.  I’ve also done weaving, macrame, and gimp-ing, and I sewed my wedding dress myself, which says I’m an all-around crafts person, right?  Well, maybe.  Or not. Last Friday, I went looking for a tube bar clasp for a cuff (bracelet) that I…

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Working through the books in my beach bag

Actually, it’s not a beach bag, simply what would be in a hypothetical beach bag if I was to read at the beach as opposed to the lake, where comfortable, non-sandy, tree-shaded chairs abound.  I had read Home, by Toni Morrison, the weekend before, but last weekend was for Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.  And mind…

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