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Post-Its keep me sane

"That's the best thing since …"  How do YOU finish this sentence?  When I was growing up, the answer was sliced bread. When I was raising my own kids, the answer was bagged lettuce.  Now, it's Post-Its.  At least, in my humble opinion. That's because I'm a list keeper.  Rarely does a day go by when I haven’t made one list or another.  Studies show that people who keep lists [...]

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New Year's resolutions gone wrong

Broken them already, have you?  Personally, I can't count the number of years I vowed to diet, only to pig out within days of the holiday.  New Year's resolutions are tricky that way.  Too often we set ourselves up for failure with yet another promise to work out or quit smoking or limit screen time. There are many reasons for failure.  Some are valid.  Others, not so. Take genes.  Here's [...]

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