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Archive for September 2012

Are you healthier eating organic?

Since one of the protagonists in Sweet Salt Air (my coming book) is a die-hard locavore, I was naturally interested in this.  Not that a locavore necessarily eats organic.  By definition, a locavore buys and eats food that is locally produced – food produced by local farmers and sold in local markets – but since…

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How to control food cravings

I asked you all about food cravings in yesterday’s SPEEDY BD SURVEY, and there were some really interesting replies.  The most frequent?  Chocolate. So, let’s talk about food cravings.  Do you get them?  I do.  There are times when I am desperate for a fried egg on buttered toast.  Or a sizzling steak.  Or yes,…

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How wrong I was

Remember my recent blog about beading?  How I wasn’t sure about it?  How I couldn’t thread the needle?  How you can’t cuddle with beads like you do with yarn?  Can’t watch tv while you bead?  Can’t relax into the rhythm? I was so wrong.  The problem, of course, as so many of you readers said…

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Help me choose my new author photo

I recently had new photos taken.  This is always stressful for me, which is one of the reasons I was a photographer once upon a time.  I far prefer being behind the camera than before it.  But books need photos, and I have a compulsion to keep them current. That said, it isn’t a simple…

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