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Archive for January 2012

What makes for a good book discussion

My book group met Monday night, and I nearly didn’t go.  I’m not big on war books, and Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken is that.  Honestly?  I wasn’t planning to read it.  I don’t read much anyway when I’m deep into the writing of a book, and I’m about as deep into Sweet Salt Air as I…

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My racy past

Type my name into Amazon, then sort by publication date, and you’ll find books of mine that you’ve never heard of.  Take First, Best and Only.  Originally published in 1986, a first-ever hardcover edition is coming in March.  I didn’t know this until I checked the Amazon list myself, which is often the only way…

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How to write a sex scene

I’ve written sex scenes, oh have I written sex scenes.  I’ve written twelve-page ones, six-page ones, one-page ones.  I’ve also written two-paragraph sex scenes, and they’re just as special as the longest of the long.  The reason?  It’s all about the feeling behind the sex. I came to this understanding through trial and error, so…

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What is a stash?

My dictionary defines a stash as “a secret store of something,” and when it comes to yarn, that’s pretty accurate.  Knitters hoard.  They buy yarn they have no business buying, then they bring it home and put it in a place where no one will see it.  They have paper bags stuffed with yarn, closets…

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Starting 2012 with a good book

I’m going to sound arrogant here, trusting that you all know me better than to believe it.  But here is a truism about writers.  Writers write the kinds of stories they like to read. So I started 2012 by rereading the first 125 pages of Sweet Salt Air.  And it wasn’t only that I wanted…

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