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I believe! I believe!

I’m a fiction person, which isn’t to say I don’t read the newspaper or watch the evening news, but simply that my entertainment of choice involves pretend.  Add to that magical elements that sometimes creep into my own work, like the coyotes in Escape, the wishes in Three Wishes, and the herbs in Sweet Salt Air, and the willing suspension of disbelief permeates my life. The willing suspension of disbelief.  [...]

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What comes after THE END?

I’ve been absent.  At the end of writing a book, when my creative energy is focused on climactic scenes and tying up loose ends, it’s hard to think about writing anything else.  So my blog takes a hit.  I apologize. But Sweet Salt Air is now done – at least, the heavy-duty, mind-drain part of it is.  All 408 pages have gone off to my editor in New York, who [...]

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