My Take on Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, and The Supreme Court by @BarbaraDelinsky #SupremeCourt, #DrFord, #Survivors

* * * WARNING:  This blog contains my personal opinions.  If you do not wish to hear them, please do not read this.  Thank you. * * *

Is anyone out there as distraught over the circus of the Supreme Court/Senate Judiciary Committee hearing as I am?

I believe Dr. Ford is telling the truth.

I also believe Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth. And therein lies the absolute tragedy of yesterday’s testimony. He honestly doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He does not consider what he did to Dr. Ford to be sexual assault; nor does he consider the other sexual misconduct allegations against him to be sexual misconduct. He believes he had a right to do what he did and that anyone who suggests otherwise is a national disgrace.

Totally aside from the issue of whether his combative and partisan behavior is fitting for a nominee to the Supreme Court, consider this gender problem. Brett Kavanaugh is furious that a woman has dared try to take from him the one thing he wants most in life.

Well, what about Dr. Ford’s mental health?  What about the way Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior years ago so brutally shaped her life? What about all the other victims of sexual assault who feel they’re being discarded right along with her? Will the new pain Dr. Ford and those others suffer now accomplish anything?

Certainly not in getting Brett Kavanaugh to take responsibility for what he did. He will not own his own behavior, much less acknowledge an injustice toward women that has been going on forever. Nor will any of the other men who vote for him in the full Senate. As for the women who vote to have him confirmed? I simply, simply, simply do not understand.

Let me be clear: I had doubts about Brett Kavanaugh before the sexual charges surfaced. I thought statements he made earlier in his career to be angry, certainly not the measured and thoughtful approach of a Supreme Court Justice. I sensed he was playing with words in many of his denials, for instance, with regard to upholding Roe v. Wade.  Put bluntly, I wondered if he was lying. I heard arrogance and partisanship. And I disliked the way he paraded his wife and daughters as props.

Yesterday’s spectacle has turned this into a male-female issue. Senators Grassley and Graham made it quite clear, prior to yesterday’s hearing, that Brett Kavanaugh was their man regardless of what Dr. Ford said. Her words, thoughts, feelings didn’t matter. Donald Trump implied the same. Nothing matters more to him than the victory of getting his nominee confirmed. But hey, our president doesn’t think he did anything wrong in any of the many allegations of sexual misconduct against him, either.

She lied. How many times have we heard this refrain from men like Kavanaugh, like Trump, who dismiss charges of sexual assault by dismissing the accuser? Empirical research shows that only 2-10% of these charges are false. Which leaves 90-98% that are true. And that’s not counting the women who suffer sexual assault and never report it.

An FBI investigation was surely called for here. And we do have one coming, albeit of “limited” scope, says our president, which means whatever he decides it does. But why the initial pushback by the Republicans? The circumstances of this case are unique; the Supreme Court is the highest court of the land, and an appointment to it is for life. Given the charges against this nominee, an FBI investigation is totally appropriate.

I would have thought Kavanaugh would have wanted it from the get-go, solely to clear his name. But he didn’t want the FBI involved. What is he hiding? Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee refused to release tens of thousands of pages of information on him. What are they hiding?

I do believe that this man will be quickly confirmed as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court. I also believe that his appointment will tarnish the reputation of the court for years to come.

Worst of all, his appointment leaves women in the mud, trampled on once again. How do we get out? Is there no leader out there brave enough to speak up? Please. Name that person. Give me cause for hope.

Well, here is one.  THE VOTE.

If you take anything from this blog, it is the importance of voting in the mid-terms. An argument can be made that if fewer registered voters had sat on their hands in November 2016, the fiasco of Donald Trump would have been nipped in the bud. But it wasn’t. And we now have three branches of government that are staunchly Republican.

This is not healthy, certainly not what the Founding Fathers wanted when they talked about checks and balances. One of these branches must be Democratic. With the extreme partisanship of the president and, now, the politicization of the Supreme Court, Congress is our only option.

Please know this: I’m not advocating a blind vote for any female on the ballot. I’m the mother of three grown sons, any of whom would lead this country in a more caring, intelligent, and inclusive way than what we see now. None of my three are interested.  They work in health care, education, and law, each doing his part to benefit society in a more hands-on way.

Nationally speaking, though, I beg you to go to the polls this November and vote for the sanest, most sensitive, and most insightful person, be that person female or male.

  • We need someone who champions women’s rights, common sense gun control, and the importance of immigrants to the American soul.
  • We need someone who believes that government should be the safety net for people in need, someone who believes that every American has a right to the same health care as members of Congress.
  • We need someone who will fight for term limits for Supreme Court Justices, term limits for those in Congress, term limits for membership in Congressional committees.
  • We need someone to spearhead a move to Abolish the Electoral College, which negates the votes of millions of Americans.
  • We need someone to sponsor making Election Day a Federal holiday and, if not penalizing eligible voters who do not vote, certainly rewarding those who do vote.

These are steps in the right direction. I’m sure there are many, many others. Who will fight for them?

One last thought, actually an addendum to the warning I posted at the start of this blog. I didn’t go into writing for the sake of having a soapbox. My books aren’t about politics. The last thing I wanted was to inject it so bluntly into this page today. But America is at a tipping point such as I’ve never seen in my life. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer acceptable.

My Take on Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, and The Supreme Court by @BarbaraDelinsky #SupremeCourt, #DrFord, #Survivors

I don’t discuss politics in my books because I respect those of you with differing opinions enough to appreciate that you pay for my books. This is my personal website. I pay for it. Please respect me for expressing my own opinions here, even if they differ from yours.

We all need to speak out. I can do that on a blog. I will also do it at the ballot box. You may do that, too.

Please vote!


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