Do you have a BFF?  Nicole and Charlotte, of Sweet Salt Air, are that – at least until Charlotte confesses to having wronged Nicole in a totally reprehensible way.

Nicole is devasted.  “I thought you were my BFF,” she cries in the scene I just wrote, and goes on to say, “A BFF is supposed to be loyal.  She’s supposed to be honest and considerate and generous.  She’s supposed to sacrifice something she wants if she knows that getting it will hurt the other.”

BFF is a relatively new term.  The closest I can find to a documented origin is 1997 in the tv show “Friends,” though there are those who claim that they used it themselves well before that.

Me?  Many times in books I’ve referred to a “Friend with a Capital F” versus a “friend with a small f.”  I have always believed that while most of us have many of the latter, we’re lucky to have even a few of the former.  I’m that lucky.  I have several.  One is Jane.

Jane lived down the road from me until sixteen years ago, at which point she moved all the way across the country.  We don’t see each other often.  Nor do we chat on the phone a lot.  She’s busy, I’m busy, you know how that goes.  We see each other two or three time a year, when she’s here visiting family, and when we meet – usually at dawn at a Dunkin Donuts halfway between her grandsons and me – we pick right up where we left off and talk straight for three hours.  Halfway through, I run to the register for a refill of coffee and, on impulse, order an eggwhite flatbread sandwich.  Back at the table, I give her half and we eat without any wasted talk about who wants what or splitting the cost.

So, while I agree with Nicole’s definition of a BFF, I add this.  A BFF is someone you don’t have to see every day to still connect with, someone who loves you whether you talk often or not, someone who would drop everything and catch the next flight if you needed her.  It’s someone who couldn’t care less where or what she eats, as long as she’s with you.

It remains to be seen whether Charlotte can regain her status as a BFF in Sweet Salt Air.  There’s lots of repair work to do. What do you think? Would you forgive a BFF who makes a horrific mistake that she now oh-so-deeply regrets?