Are you a matchmaker?



My thanks to everyone who pre-ordered or purchased the Matchmaker Trilogy!  Some of you have let me know that Crossed Hearts is missing its final chapters.  I want to help those of you who have been affected, so here is what you can do to get an updated file.

An updated file will be available on 4/8. If you purchased from:
Nook: You will have to archive the incomplete file and re-download when the new file is available on 4/8.
iBooks or Google: You will receive a push notification to update your book file when the new file is available.
Amazon, Kobo, and other retailers: In this case, you will have to contact customer support for an updated file.

What does art do for you?

My husband and I recently visited the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA, to see an exhibit of Impressionist art.  I’ve always adored Impressionism, but I wasn’t prepared for what I found – and I’m not talking about the art itself, though that was breathtaking.  I’m talking about my reaction to it.

I was enchanted, warmed, and enriched.  I was awed by the skill of these artists.  But what I loved most, truly, was being swept away to another place and time.  With once glance, I was in the French countryside or on the coast.  I was taking shelter from a storm or watching a regatta.  I was standing in high grass in my ankle-length skirt, holding a parasol, breathing in the sweet salt air of the sea.

How many tweets make up a book?


texting all the time

What are people doing with their noses in smartphones all the time?  The writer in me wonders this a lot.  What are they reading?  Texts from friends?  Facebook posts?  Work email?  Is it possible, in this golden era of social media, that not being ‘social’ – as in, waiting in line at Starbucks without monitoring a device – is so uncomfortable for some people that they pretend to be communicating with the world to make themselves feel loved?

When I write about home construction

Does life imitate art?  Not for me.  For me, it’s the other way around.  When life happens, I write about it.  For instance, after my husband and I built our house, I wrote about home construction in the Crosslyn Rise Trilogy.  When we began spending time in small New Hampshire towns, I wrote Lake News.  When my aunt developed Alzheimer’s disease, I wrote Shades of Grace.  When I felt overwhelmed by life’s demands, I wrote Escape.

My Valentine’s Day Trifecta

Three Hearts (sm)

Valentine’s Day is my kind of day.  I was a romantic before I ever wrote a single romance, and once I did that – and discovered that people loved reading what I wrote – there was no end to my hearts-and-flowers imagination.  All told, I wrote fifty romances, sometimes eight a year, I was that into it.  But being a romance writer wasn’t, in fact, entirely hearts and flowers.  There were friends who politely told me that they didn’t read “that kind of book.”  Worse, there was the family member who actually told me she didn’t read “that kind of trash.”  There were booksellers who hid me in a back corner when I came for a signing, rather than up front, where other visiting authors sat.  And then there were people (male, usually, like the one selling me my first computer) who blithely said, “So now all you have to do is cut-and-paste different names, and you have a new book.”

Do you do crossword puzzles?



When I was a child, I saw my father come home from work every night, sit down with the newspaper, and do the crossword.  I have grown up to be very different from him, but here is one thing on which we agree.  Crossword puzzles are the ultimate form of relaxation for someone who enjoys playing with words.  My dad was a corporate lawyer, and legalese notwithstanding, his choice of words was crucial in protecting his clients.  Writing fiction, as I do, is light years removed from writing a corporate contract.  Though none of you will sue me if you feel that a word or phrase or sentence I use is misleading, when I’m writing a book, I struggle with words twelve hours a day to get the nuance just right.

What’s coming for Barbara in 2014

Couture Fashion ModelYoung chick, old boots.  That’s my theme here.  As 2013 fades to 2014, it’s only natural to think about ending the old and beginning the new.  But is that what really happens?

Not in my book.  And I mean that both literally and figuratively.  I don’t see that we end and begin.  Life is a continuum.  What we do today is colored by what we did yesterday. We appreciate what’s in front of us all the more for what’s behind.  We are the sum of our parts.

Which brings me to the newest Barbara Delinsky book, my work-in-progress.

Christmas music and me

Christmas Music 2In theory, I don’t celebrate Christmas.  I was raised lighting candles on each of the eight nights of Chanukah, with blessings and presents and latkes to match.  But when I was growing up, everyone else on our street celebrated Christmas – everyone else in our school celebrated Christmas.  And since I was in the school chorus, I learned Christmas carols.

I loved them.  Did I feel guilty about that?  Oh yeah.  On some level, I felt I was betraying my religion.  But that didn’t stop me from learning my part to every carol (I was an alto) and giving it my all during school concerts and visits to nursing homes and hospital wards with my group.

Help Barbara understand All Is Lost

All Is Lost

Please note:  This blog contains spoilers.  If that doesn’t bother you, read on.

I’m talking, of course, about the new Robert Redford movie, All Is Lost.  Which I loved.  But then, I’ve always loved Redford.  I loved him with Jane Fonda in Barefoot In The Park and loved him with Barbra Streisand in The Way We Were.  I loved him with Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, loved The Sting, loved All the President’s Men.  I could go on, but you get my drift.

Page Change

Whoa.  I just looked at my last blog, and realized how long I’ve been gone!  Well, not really gone.  I’ve been here at my desk the whole time, plugging away at my new book.  But now we’re into October, and sweet corn is passé in New England.  What’s in?  Apples and cranberries (the picture below is actually of cranberries).  Ginger and yams.  Cool nights.  Fall foliage.

Fresh red cranberries