Let me make one thing clear.  I don’t blog to express a political opinion.  As a novelist, my taking a stand on anything political or religious is disastrous.  When I talked here last week about civil discourse, it was to vent not about what we say but how we say it.

So there you go – one reason why I blog.  I blog to vent about something, be it civil discourse, airport security, or plastic bags.

But there are other reasons.  I mean, it’s not like I’m sitting around with nothing to do.  I have to put blogging on my calendar, or else it gets lost in the shuffle of the daily writing, in this case, of Sweet Salt Air.

I blog to share news about this work-in-progress, because you all deserve to hear, since you’re so good as to go out and buy the book when it’s done.  So I tell you about shaping characters, or I share the challenges of picking a title, and come the day when I have a cover, you’ll see it here.

I blog to get feedback from you.  If you hate that cover, you can let me know, so I can let my publisher know.  You’re my test audience.

I blog to share knitting tips – because I think knitting rivals yoga when it comes to relaxation.  I like encouraging people to learn to knit and engaging those who already do.

I blog to tell you about things I’m learning as a grandmother.  The learning never ends, and I think many of you out there, mothers and grandmothers alike, can identify with that.

I write to give you something to read during this long stretch between new books.  Escape came out in July of 2011, but Sweet Salt Air may not be out until July of 2013.  That’s two full years later.  And yes, older books of mine are being reissued in the interim.  But read my blog, and you have brand new content.

Finally, I blog because it’s fun.  I do love writing.  But adding pages to Sweet Salt Air is my job.  Blogging is fun.  It’s short.  It’s finite.  It gives me instant gratification.

About which you all know.

Because I blogged about it last month.

So, do you read these things?  Are you a blog aficionado?