Shopping for the holidays

I’m not thinking about Christmas catalogues, free shipping offers or Black Friday hours.  I’m still on Thanksgiving, and it has to do with food.  I've been poring through cookbooks, clipping recipes from the paper, and making lists.  The troops are descending next Wednesday morning, and they’re all staying here, so Thanksgiving dinner isn’t the only meal I'll be making.  I have to keep bellies filled for four days, and my [...]

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Working weekends

Yes, we did have the baby here this weekend – and yes, it was fabulous – but I did work, just like I do most weekends.  I never spend hours at it, just one or two right around dawn, in this case before the baby was even awake, and mostly I edited what I wrote last week.  Still, I had a sense of accomplishment.  That’s a nice way to start [...]

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Gearing up for baby

Baby gear.  It’s a whole other world out there.  We have a six-month-old coming for the weekend, and the house is suddenly filled with stuff.  Remember the high chair you saw in my basement?  It’s now in the kitchen alongside the jumperoo. And the Pack N Play? That’s my assistant’s office, where we can close the blinds to assure darkness and quiet.  The baby will be cozy sleeping there. My [...]

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