What Zoom And Photography Have In Common

What Zoom And Photography Have In Common by @BarbaraDelinsky #Zoom #video #COVID19

Have you ever looked at a family photo, really looked at it, and wondered why various members pose the way they do – where they stand vis à vis the group, whether their arms are around others’ shoulders or around themselves, whether their heads are inclined toward their kin or away? How we choose to…

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Mask Fun

Mask Fun by @barbaradelinsky #mask #masks #fun #COVID19 #COVID

Please. No bickering about the title of this blog. We all know that COVID-19 is nothing to laugh about, not with so much illness and death. But during the years I fought Breast Cancer, I learned the importance of positive thinking. I’d make the lemons-to-lemonade argument if it weren’t so clichéd. So how’s this: When…

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Discovery in the Time of COVID-19

Discovery in the Time of COVID-19 #discovery #time #COVID19 by @barbaradelinsky

We live in an interesting time, such a different life now from before. But not all of the changes have been bad. Granted, my family is well, so I’ve been spared the worst. Likewise, employment. I write every morning, same as always. Not everyone is as lucky. My heart aches for those whose losses have…

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