Three Wishes

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Published by: Gallery Books
Release Date: July 1, 1998
Pages: 388
ISBN13: 978-1451679144



Waitress Bree Miller thinks she is content with her tranquil, solitary existence in picturesque Panama, Vermont, until she is struck one snowy night by a skidding Jeep. Waking in her hospital bed, she recalls the comfort of a bright light and imagines that the God-like being that returned her from death has offered her the gift of three wishes.

As she recovers, Bree is no longer alone; beside her is Tom Gates, the driver of the Jeep. A successful lawyer-turned-bestselling novelist, Tom fled the New York glamour world to reconnect with his own lost soul. Together, Bree and Tom experience a love like no other, compelling Bree to use her wishes to search for the mother who left her, to reunite Tom with his estranged family, and to start a family of her own.

Through it all, Bree is never quite sure that the wishes are real. Did the first two wishes actually come true, and if so – if she makes a third wish – will she die?


"Delinsky draws detailed portraits of her characters, from physical attributes to personalities...The mystery of Bree's mother's identity adds another layer to the intriguing plot. For YAs who are fond of Lurlene McDaniel's novels, Delinsky's book is a natural progression into adult writing of the same genre."
–Library Journal

"Best-selling contemporary women's fiction writer Delinsky has written a sentimental love story that will be appreciated... fans will enjoy the various small subplots and the surprise ending."

“Touching and delightful.”
—Chattanooga Times


It wasn't the first snow of the season. Panama, Vermont, lay far enough north to have already seen several snowdusted dawns. But this wasn't dawn, and these flakes didn't dust. From early afternoon right on into evening, they fell heavy and fat and wet.
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This story hit a hot button with my readers! Those who loved it raved and raved; those who didn’t were equally as passionate in their response to the ending.’

‘For me, Three Wishes is unique. Whereas my books have always been grounded in reality, this one introduces a mystical element. It also introduces a cast of wildly colorful characters, along with a setting that is the ultimate in picturesque.

‘For the record, I cried writing this book. I still cry each time I read it. Perhaps because I lost my own mother when I was a child, it strikes the same chord in me that For My Daughters does.

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