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The Confession Club


The Confession Club by Elizabeth Berg Book Review by @barbaradelinsky #TheConfessionClub #BookReview #books

The Confession Club is fun. That’s one word I’d use to describe this book. Charming is another; touching a third.

Elizabeth Berg’s latest novel, THE CONFESSION CLUB, is set in the same little Missouri town as two of her earlier ones and is peopled by some of the same characters – and characters they are, in the broadest sense of the word. They are quirky. They are painfully honest. They blurt out hysterical thoughts, many of which are totally spot-on. I identified with more than one of these women and their discussions.

The premise? A group of women, ranging in age from 20-something to 70-ish, meet weekly to find solace in friends by confessing to something they’ve done that they perceive to be a sin. In the process of confession, the women bond, forgiving themselves and each other, making this very much a community-of-women book.

And the frosting on the cake? A love story with a totally unlikely hero.

I’ve read a lot of heavy books lately. This one was a welcome relief. Not only is it cleverly written, but it is a likable book with a cast of likable characters in an eminently likable town.

Do go there.

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