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Published by: Harper Collins Publishers
Release Date: February 20, 2018



From New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky, Rekindled features two unforgettable novels together in one volume, The Flip Side of Yesterday and Lilac Awakening.

Barbara Delinsky has enthralled millions of readers with her emotionally powerful stories of love and loss, commitment and betrayal, and finding the strength to survive and succeed. In Rekindled, she presents two of her favorite early novels, Flip Side of Yesterday and Lilac Awakening—both exemplify the rich character-driven storytelling that has become Delinsky’s hallmark.

In Flip Side of Yesterday, Delinsky reminds us that sometimes life offers a second chance to find the one thing we thought we'd lost forever. And in Lilac Awakening, she reveals how the darkest secrets are no match for the passions of a lover's heart.


"Barbara Delinsky should touch even the most jaded of readers."
–Chattanooga Times

"Delinsky creates . . . a remarkably beautiful story."
–Baton Rouge Advocate

"Barbara Delinsky knows the human heart and its immense capacity to love and to believe."
–Washington Observer-Reporter

"Delinsky's prose is spare, controlled and poignant as she evokes the simplicity and joys of small-town life."
–Publishers Weekly