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Finger Prints

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Published by: William Morrow Paperbacks
Release Date: October 2, 1984
Pages: 496
ISBN13: 978-0062692023


Once upon a time she was Robyn Hart, a dogged journalist covering an arson case who saw too much and wasn’t afraid to expose it. But that courage nearly cost Robyn her life. Now under the safety of the Witness Protection program, she has a new identity,Carly Quinn, with a new job in a new city. As she struggles to make the best of her new life in Boston, the terror of the past still lingers, and Carly lives in fear that her enemies will find her.

Though she tries to wall herself off from the world, one determined man breaks through her defenses, successful attorney Ryan Cornell. Though Carly yearns to give him her heart, she doesn’t know if she can. While loving him offers a happiness she thought she’d lost forever, trusting him could cost her everything.

Reissued September 5, 2017. First time in trade paperback.

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