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Published by: Grand Central Publishing
Release Date: November 6, 1990
Pages: 544
ISBN13: 978-1538760031



Nothing can prepare writer Hillary Cox for seeing her lover of twenty years, jewelry/mining magnate John St. George, announce on television that he’s preparing to marry another woman. Out for revenge, Hillary begins work on an exposé of John and his cloudy past, which turns out to include an endless stream of horrifying abuses against his sister Pamela.

As Hillary attempts to free herself of John’s influence, Pamela sets out to wrest control of the family’s jewelry and tourmaline mining business from him. She seeks support and love from Cutter Reid, from whom John has brutally kept her. The efforts of the two women, and of Pamela’s emotionally fragile mother, lead to a climactic confrontation with the man who has so damaged their lives.

Reissued August 1, 2017, First time in trade paperback


"Delinsky's story holds up to the last--instead of settling for melodramatic soap opera, she opts for a much less neat but more realistic ending."
–Publishers Weekly