Book Review

The Silent Patient


I loved this book – surprising, since psychological thrillers are not my genre-of-choice.  I actually don’t think I realized it was a thriller when I bought it.

But the synopsis appealed to me:  Two successful artists are happily married when, one day, the wife brutally and emphatically shoots her husband to death for no apparent reason, then goes totally and utterly silent – simply stops speaking – not a single word while she is in police custody, not a single word during her trial, not a single word at the mental hospital to which she is committed.

The why of that is what drives this book, and the author does a wonderful job of releasing hints piece by piece.  The narrator of the audiobook may have been a little too obvious in this regard, perhaps giving away more in his tone than I would have heard had I been reading the print version.  Still, I was stunned when the final chapters unfolded – and pleasantly satisfied at the end of the book.

As engrossing summer reads go, this is a good one!



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