Book Review

The President is Missing


Fun.  That’s the first word that comes to mind when I try to sum up my feeling for The President Is Missing.  Yes, it’s a thriller.  Yes, it’s about national security and modern day perils to it – and, in that sense, terrifying.  Still, this was a fun one to read.  But then, my appreciation was far more about method than plot.

I’m not a regular reader of James Patterson’s work, but I admire his skill.  And I can see good in Bill Clinton (sorry, all you Clinton haters, but he did know how to reach across the aisle); he certainly knows the inner workings of the White House.  Each time I picked up this book, I imagined these two men collaborating, with Clinton contributing plot details while Patterson worked his magic with pacing and words.

And it is magic.  The plot gets complex at times, but it is believable , even portentous, and it moves right along, as per the Patterson style of short chapters with cliff-hanger endings.  The characters are nuanced, made human by families and the kinds of feelings we mortals all have.  Thanks to Patterson’s skill with words, their suffering is understated but palpable, their victories understated but heartfelt.

So, fun.  Yup.  Do you agree?

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