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The Plot


The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz, a Book Review by @BarbaraDelinsky #ThePlot #BookReview #reading #amreading

I’m not usually one for psychological thrillers, but – well – the plot of THE PLOT intrigued me. A writer struggling to follow up on the success of an earlier book takes a blockbuster idea from one of his students, a student who has recently died with neither an apparent book sale nor manuscript left behind. What’s the harm?

The harm is guilt, compounded by threatening notes written by someone who knows what he’s done.

I can’t say more, without giving something away. Suffice it to say that the plot of this book is as explosive as the one our writer is accused of stealing. The Plot is a page-turner. It is beautifully written and fast-paced. Did I like the two main characters? No. And still, I read on. Did I feel that parts of the plot were contrived? Of course. And still, I read on. Did I question whether the entire book was built on a not-necessarily-accurate charge of plagiarism? Very definitely, yes. And still, I read on.

The issue of plagiarism and its discussion in literary circles of late fascinates me. Years ago, I received multiple notes from multiple readers saying that a certain other author was plagiarizing my work. Wanting no part in the investigation, I left it to my agent and her reader to sort things through. And indeed, they found reason to suspect this other writer was using my plots. Unfortunately, one cannot copyright ideas.  That said, her agent and editor assured us she had been warned away from my work.

BTW, the author accused of plagiarizing me has gone on to become hugely successful. You’d know her name in an instant. I like to think that making her promise to leave my storylines alone forced her to think outside the box, hence her subsequent success. On principle alone, I do not read her books.

The Plot I read, enjoyed, and highly recommend.

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