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The Moments Between


The Moments Between by Natalie Banks, a Book Review by @barbaradelinksy #TheMomentsBetween #Books #Review

I love the premise of this book, THE MOMENTS BETWEEN, by Natalie Banks.

After suffering for six agonizing months following the tragic death of her husband in a train accident, a woman wakes up to find him there in her house, alive and well. She also finds that her calendar reads three months prior to the accident. It is easy enough at first for her to chalk his death off to a horrendous nightmare.

But when events in her life start repeating what was in her dream, she isn’t so sure. And if she and her husband are barreling toward the date when he died, how can she prevent his death?

By way of transparency, I tell you here that Natalie Banks is my friend. That said, she writes beautifully and with deep emotion, in this instance weaving nightmare-vs-reality suspense into a story of family, motherhood, and marriage.

As fraught with emotion as the plot is, THE MOMENTS BETWEEN isn’t a downer. In this day and age of darkness in print, Ms. Banks’ book is a welcome, wonderfully safe and entertaining weekend read.




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