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The Duke and I


The Duke and I by Julia Quinn #TheDukeAndI #Bridgerton #NetFlix

If you need to get away from the mess of our country right now, this book, The Duke And I by Julia Quinn, is perfect. Actually, the Bridgerton books are a series of eight, and I liked the second book even better than the first. I found the third book okay, and while the fourth bored me to tears, the fifth, which I’m reading right now, is as enjoyable as the first two.

The time is Regency England, the plight that of the widowed Viscountess Bridgerton whose (era-appropriate) goal is to marry off her eight children. This family is delightful. The sibling banter, with its teasing and snarking and camaraderie, is very real. And refreshing? Absolutely. These siblings actually like each other.

I won’t go into detail about the plots. I will say that some of my literary-snob friends wouldn’t be seen with these books. Oh, they may read them tucked inside another book or on an eReader. But confessing to enjoying a sinful pleasure? God forbid.  And they sure as hell wouldn’t watch the TV show.

You’ve heard about that, yes? Bridgerton, (The Duke and I story) is one of the top shows streaming on Netflix right now. Costumes are gorgeous, dance numbers are magnificently choreographed, characters are well-portrayed, and the love story is super. Oh, and did I mention the sex? If you’re squeamish, don’t watch. I did. Closely.

Can’t wait for Season 2.

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