Book Review

That Month in Tuscany


I don’t know how I learned about THAT MONTH IN TUSCANY. I actually think it just popped up on my Audible page after I bought THE TUSCAN CHILD. This kind of marketing usually drives me nuts, but I was heading out on vacation and wanted something light-hearted to read on my Kindle.

This. Was. Perfect.

A woman (Lizzy) traveling solo to Italy – after her husband opts out of what she had hoped would be a reboot of their marriage – encounters a man (Ren) who wants to opt out of life itself. Events conspire to throw them together, driving through the Tuscan hillsides in a small red Fiat — but if this sounds like an ordinary, stereotypical romance, trust me, it is not.

Why? The characters are nicely drawn, subtle and complete. The scenery is gorgeous. And there are enough plot twists to keep the reader turning pages, not to mention rooting for Lizzy and Ren.

I loved that Lizzy was older than Ren, but that there is one and only one mention of this. I loved that there was chemistry, without graphic sex. I loved that the writing was free of cliché.

Going on a vacation anywhere? This is a fun book to take along—nothing deep, just wonderful smells, lots of warmth, and an upper of a satisfying ending.

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