Book Review

One Plus One


This is the second of my two favorite books of 2016. Many more people have probably read (or seen the movie of) Moyes’ Me Before You, but One Plus One is priceless.

It’s the story of good people who, inadvertently, make bad choices, and how they redeem themselves afterward. The four main characters have huge hearts; I loved them from the start, even as I saw things going wrong. Their plights were real, the complications understandable, if heart-rending. That said, there were times when, listening to this as I drove, I was laughing hysterically.

No doubt, part of my feelings have to do with the fact that I listened to this on audiobook, and it was the best production ever. There were four readers – two male, two female, one each at the 30-something age, one each at the preteen and teen age. The Brits do it right. I recommend this highly!

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