Book Review



YA novels. Do you read them? I do. I like the straightforwardness of the plot and the insight the characters give me into the teenage mind. I also vet them for my grandchildren, who thankfully like to read. This one, Nightbird, is by Alice Hoffman.

I’ve always loved her work, particularly the magical element in her books, and Nightbird has that aplenty. It tells of a long-ago witch’s curse that to this day gives all boys in the heroine’s family wings. Yes, Twig’s beloved big brother James has wings, meaning that he is home-schooled and only goes out at night, when he flies off until the sun rises again. The thrust of the story is reversing the curse, and the writing is clever, smooth, and intelligent. When I winced at how pat the ending was, I had to remind myself of its target audience. That said, my granddaughter will love this. What eleven-year-old wouldn’t?

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