Book Review

Miller’s Valley


I loved this book. I listened to it on Audible, and it quickly became my ear candy of choice while driving around town. The reader was wonderful, but she had great material to work with.

If you want a book filled with high intrigue and suspense, this isn’t for you. Right from the start, we learn that Miller’s Valley – named for the Millers, who have lived there for generations – is going to be flooded by the government to make way for a reservoir and recreation area. So we know from the get-go what the outcome will be. But then, with consummate skill, Ms. Quindlen takes us back to get to know the Millers. We come to understand their varied and shifting feelings for the valley and what they will lose when it is drowned.

This isn’t a long book. Its writing is descriptive and smooth. But its real power lies in the strength of its characters, and our affection for and emotional involvement with them.

I gotta say, this is my kind of book!

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