Book Review

Daisy Jones & The Six


What an interesting book.  As a writer myself, I’m a sucker for a novel approach (no pun intended), and DAISY JONES & THE SIX delivers that.  It is written in the style of an interview – I mean, the entire book, which sounds preposterous but totally works.

The plot details the rise and fall of a rock band.  There are a lot of characters – Daisy Jones, six band members, their manager, producer, and sound technicians.  All of them have talent and ego, so the very same thing that brings the group success leads to its demise.

In interviewing the characters, the author gives each his/her own say as she paints a picture of the formation of the band, its rise, its passion, its hunger for even greater success leading to its collaboration with Daisy Jones, who is the epitome of the gorgeous, phenomenally talented, totally messed up lead singer.

This book is for those who love music and the music scene.  If the characters are stereotypical, well, stereotypes come from reality, and this book is real.  I struggled with the almost-constant presence of drugs and booze. But that, too, is reality.

I highly recommend this book, which I found to be surprising, intriguing, and impressive.



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