Book Review

Behind Closed Doors


Okay. Here’s another of those books that everyone is talking about – at least, they were when it came out last summer. But when a book is widely hyped, especially one by a “debut” author, my expectations are high. When they aren’t met, I have a problem.

Behind Closed Doors just didn’t work for me. Try as I might, I couldn’t care about the characters, and the scenario, for me, was beyond the scope of belief. Halfway through, I stopped reading every word and just skimmed to the end, but nothing about that ending redeemed the book for me.

It pains me to give a book a low rating, really it does. And when that book is published by my publisher? Twice as hard. Tons of people loved this book, hence its commercial success. I just didn’t. The prose is competent, so I gave it two stars rather than the one I’d have given the author simply for finishing the book. I wish I could have done more.


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