Book Review

Another Brooklyn


I’ve been at a loss since finishing this book, trying to decide what to say about it.  I did enjoy it.  The narrator and her friends were growing up in the 70’s, as I did.  The author drew me into their lives and painted a vivid picture of the dreams, fears, and reality of Brooklyn for those girls.  And it was short.

The best part was the prose, which was beautiful, poetic, and poignant.  It was of the Toni Morrison mold, and the reader of the audio version had a voice to match.

The worst part was my confusion.  Was this first and foremost a coming of age story?  Or a story about female friendship?  About the need to belong?  About the motherless child?  About grief?   Loss?  Madness?  Sexuality?  Religion?

All this was packed into less than three hours of listening.  I might have been better reading this, seeing the words, processing them at my own pace – which I may well do one day.  My gut says it would be a whole different experience.


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