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A Random Act of Kindness


A Random Act of Kindness by Sophie Jenkins via @BarbaraDelinsky #kindness #bookreview #books

Looking for a heartwarming summer read?  Try A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.  It’s a delight!

The story revolves around Fern Banks, a thirty-something woman whose passion is vintage clothing, which she sells from a stall in London’s Camden Market. She has rented said stall after being fired from her steady, regular-paying retail job. Why? Because she sold a dress from her private collection to an elderly client for whom nothing in the store was quite right but for whom her heart told her this particular dress was.

And this isn’t the only “random act of kindness” in the book. There are several, none hokey or trite, and each with different and charming repercussions.

Fern has a knack for sensing not only what people want, but what they need in their lives. As the story progresses, she gathers a coterie of unusual friends, all drawn to her because of her outspoken spunk and intrinsic goodness. This isn’t to say that her own life is perfect. Her love life is in shambles, her relationship with her mother is disastrous, and her business hangs by a thread.  Literally.

We’re talking about vintage fashion here. Most chapters start with descriptions of a piece of clothing that suits someone or thing in that chapter.

A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS is modern, clever, and smart. It’s a story of self-realization, not only for Fern but for those closest to her as well. BTW, older characters play a prominent role in this novel, and they are hilarious.

I loved this book. Want to give it a try?

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