Let's Talk Eggs

Do you eat 'em? Not so long ago, we were told to limit our intake. Too much cholesterol, they said! Not healthy, they said! But now, recent studies are showing that the cholesterol in eggs isn't all bad. Take a look at this article.  Interesting, huh? Clearly, you should eat eggs in moderation, just like you do any other food. Three for breakfast, three for lunch, and three for dinner [...]

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Novel salad

There will be six of us for dinner Saturday night, including a couple of really good cooks, meaning that if I try to compete, I fail.  So what to serve?   I may write good books, but a gourmet cook I am not. My gut tells me that it's best to go with simple and fresh, which, this time of year in the Northeast, means a big multi-ingredient salad.  Fresh [...]

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Page Change

Whoa.  I just looked at my last blog, and realized how long I’ve been gone!  Well, not really gone.  I’ve been here at my desk the whole time, plugging away at my new book.  But now we’re into October, and sweet corn is passé in New England.  What’s in?  Apples and cranberries (the picture below is actually of cranberries).  Ginger and yams.  Cool nights.  Fall foliage. I’ve lived in New [...]

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In praise of sweet corn

'Tis the season. We've had fresh sweet corn around here for weeks now, but I’m in Massachusetts, and that corn is from Georgia, which isn't to say it isn't good, simply that it isn't local. Locally-grown produce is a big part of Sweet Salt Air, and though corn isn't a major player in the book, I want to honor it here.  I’m lucky enough, both at home and at the [...]

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They’re back!  DH and I were strolling through Whole Foods the other night when I spotted a precious sign.  Fiddlehead Ferns, it read – and there they were, packed in a bin with tiny ice chips to keep them crisp. For the uninitiated, fiddleheads are the immature, unopened fronds of a fern that, when harvested at infancy, make a yummy vegetable.  The season is short, really just a matter of [...]

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Meatloaf recipes, anyone?

Eating has been a challenge, what with the oral surgery I recently had.  Finding things that work has been sheer trial and error.  Puréed soups work; oatmeal does not (too many little pieces).  Jello works; ice cream does not (too cold).  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already heard me mention fried eggs, which just kind of slither on down the throat without much effort at all.  But second [...]

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Naming the baby

A book title either hits me, or it doesn’t.  When it doesn’t, I defer to my publisher.  After all, a title is a marketing tool, and they’re the marketing experts.  Of my last five books, from FAMILY TREE to the present, the only one I came up with myself was ESCAPE, but that was a no-brainer.  ESCAPE was about … escape!  From the first, that was the only title I [...]

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