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Audiobook recommendations

I'm new to listening.  It's only recently that I've begun to intersperse eye-reading with ear-reading.  And it's taken discipline, keeping my mind on every spoken word, rather then letting it wander, as sometimes happens with a book.  But for those times when you can't be glued to the physical page – like when you're driving or working out – listening to audiobooks is really pretty cool. I guess I can [...]

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Working through the books in my beach bag

Actually, it’s not a beach bag, simply what would be in a hypothetical beach bag if I was to read at the beach as opposed to the lake, where comfortable, non-sandy, tree-shaded chairs abound.  I had read Home, by Toni Morrison, the weekend before, but last weekend was for Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.  And mind you, I’m no formal book reviewer, simply a woman who reads books and has friends [...]

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Life's little surprises

I love unexpected pleasures.  Some hit me in the face, others are more subtle.  But each is a joy. Take this blog.  I set out today to give an early December update of I write, I knit, I live.  And then, tucked into each paragraph, came a little surprise, turning what might have been just another blog into something really fun. First, I write.  I’m at page 92 of SWEET [...]

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