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Walking on thin ice

I have three sons.  All are grown, married with kids, and gainfully employed.  They genuinely like me, and I genuinely like them.  In all of these things, I am very, very lucky. That said, navigating the waters with an adult child hasn't always been easy. First came college.   Actually, the trouble began not when my guys left home, but when they returned home for things like long weekends, holiday breaks, [...]

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Lean on me

Lean on me… when you're not strong … Remember that song? Bill Withers wrote it in 1972, which may have been the year you were born, or the year your children were born, or ten years before that, but the words are timeless. I've been thinking about them a lot. I don't have many close friends. All these years being a wife, mother, and writer, I never had time for [...]

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Do you multi-task?

More aptly, can you multi-task? Some people can't. Some do it now and then. Some are able but unwilling. Where do you fall on the spectrum? I'm of the able-but-unwilling school. I used to multi-task more than I do now, and age has something to do with that. But it's a positive thing. I'm wiser now. I choose now to multi-task less. That said, it's taken me a while to [...]

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Post-Its keep me sane

"That's the best thing since …"  How do YOU finish this sentence?  When I was growing up, the answer was sliced bread. When I was raising my own kids, the answer was bagged lettuce.  Now, it's Post-Its.  At least, in my humble opinion. That's because I'm a list keeper.  Rarely does a day go by when I haven’t made one list or another.  Studies show that people who keep lists [...]

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Sleep habits of the grudgingly mature

Here's a pressing question: Does the need to pee wake us up, or do we wake up for another reason entirely and then decide to pee? And another one: Do we wake up early because our eyelids have thinned out so that even the first light of dawn penetrates, or do we wake up early because we went to bed early? I've always been a morning person. I'm out of [...]

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BD does the island

Think "energy of women." I did not come up with this phrase. My agent did when, yesterday, I was telling her about spending last week on a tiny island with seven other women. The island in question is part of the Thousand Islands archipelago in the St. Lawrence River in Canada. At the tippy top of its thirteen-ish acres sits a beautiful house, replete with en-suite bathrooms, a dishwasher, and [...]

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I won't grow up!

Peter Pan had it right. If growing up means no more fun and adventure, I don't want to grow up either. I like fun and adventure – like doing new things – like challenging myself. I like doing something I never imagined myself doing. Oh yeah, sometime it's daunting. I have a comfort zone, just like you all. But life is about growing. Have you done anything new in the [...]

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