Page Change

Whoa.  I just looked at my last blog, and realized how long I’ve been gone!  Well, not really gone.  I’ve been here at my desk the whole time, plugging away at my new book.  But now we’re into October, and sweet corn is passé in New England.  What’s in?  Apples and cranberries (the picture below is actually of cranberries).  Ginger and yams.  Cool nights.  Fall foliage.

Fresh red cranberries

What does summer sound like?

Cute Chipmunk 2

Well, how appropriate.  We’re at the lake, and I’ve decided to blog about what I hear.  Cradling my laptop, I head through the kitchen porch toward the open deck when there’s a shout from inside.  “Don’t let the screen door slap!”  I won’t tell you whose voice it is lest I incriminate him, but suffice it to say that, after many years of resolving issues, I know how to handle the guy.

Why do I blog?

Let me make one thing clear.  I don’t blog to express a political opinion.  As a novelist, my taking a stand on anything political or religious is disastrous.  When I talked here last week about civil discourse, it was to vent not about what we say but how we say it.

So there you go – one reason why I blog.  I blog to vent about something, be it civil discourse, airport security, or plastic bags.

But there are other reasons.  I mean, it’s not like I’m sitting around with nothing to do.  I have to put blogging on my calendar, or else it gets lost in the shuffle of the daily writing, in this case, of Sweet Salt Air.

A glow-in-the-dark passie? You’ve got to be kidding.

Let me be clear.  I hate the look of a pacifier in a child’s mouth – hated it when my kids were little, hate it now that their kids are little.  I like seeing that little mouth and hate having it hidden.  I also like the convenience of a thumb.  Pop it in, take it out and smile without worry of dropping it on the supermarket floor.

That said, I saw the bright side of passie use during our last visit with our nine-month-old granddaughter.  We were having a birthday dinner, nine of us eating after the baby was asleep, and, naturally, there were bursts of noise.  During one, the baby woke up and began to cry.

Gearing up for baby

Baby gear.  It’s a whole other world out there.  We have a six-month-old coming for the weekend, and the house is suddenly filled with stuff.  Remember the high chair you saw in my basement?  It’s now in the kitchen alongside the jumperoo.

And the Pack N Play?

That’s my assistant’s office, where we can close the blinds to assure darkness and quiet.  The baby will be cozy sleeping there.

My daughter-in-law is bringing the stroller in which the carseat is embedded, removable for attaching to a base anchored in the back seat of my car.