Knitting is my passion, my pasttime, and my therapy, hence its inclusion in I Write, I Knit, I Live.  The following list is of projects I’ve done, am currently doing, or hope to do.  For more info on any, click through to the blog.

    • It’s funny how a search for a tube bar clasp for a cuff (bracelet) that I wanted to knit led me to a beading shop and a whole new kind of project. Read about my adventure with a beaded cuff in my Knitting vs. beading blog.
    • I’m shrugging – no, not doing the bobbing thing with the shoulders, but knitting a shrug.  And since I like to have a couple of projects going at once, I’m working on a pair of Monkeys and a Les Miserables scarf.  Click here if you’re curious to learn more.
    • Need some instant gratification?  Here’s the pattern for my Iron Horse Moebius Scarf, which is a quick project done with bulky yarn and big needles.  One good evening of knitting, and it’s pretty much done.   I chose red, but there are lots of other Pagewood Farm Swagger colorways.  If you’d like to go to my source, you can buy yarn and needles from Debbie Smith, Iron Horse, (508) 647-4722,  She’ll charge and ship, and will even throw in a printed copy of the pattern.
    • Here’s the pattern for the hats I knit for Christmas 2011.  They’re the skinny beanies in the photo, two with pom-poms, two without.  The round hats with the tassels are actually tams.  The pattern for these can be found in The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns, starting on p. 34.  By the way, this book is a wonderful resource for the most basic of hats, mittens and gloves, and socks.
    • It’s the beginning of December, and I’m working on the last four of ten Christmas hats.  Click here for photos.
    • I’m making matching hats for my granddaughter and her BFF.  Take a look.
    • More on the lace tube baby socks and on a pair of self-striping socks I’m making for myself.  Photos here, too.
    • An avid knitter can never have too many projects going at once.  Here’s my fall-back, a scrap sock yarn blanket.  It’ll probably take me three years to make, but it’s easy, fun, and really pretty.  Click here for photos.
    • The first of my Christmas hats this year are berets for three family preteens.  Click here for photos.
    • Kai-mei is a pattern by wizard sock designer, Cookie A.  I’m in her sock club, and the patterns are top secret.  But Kai-mei is in her book, available to all.  Click here for photos.
    • I’ve never knitted an animal before, but Elijah the elephant looked to good to pass up.  Click here for photos.
  • Ravelry is the must-join site for serious knitters.  I haven’t been great about posting my projects here, but if you want to check my page or send me a Ravelry note, here’s a link.