Barbara’s Comments

The concept for Escape came to me within hours of finishing the writing of Not My Daughter. That one had been a long haul, with lots of wonderful personal interruptions, like the wedding of my son, but I had been under tremendous work stress and was exhausted. All I wanted at that moment was to get away from my computer, turn off my BlackBerry, and … and escape from anything that required deep thought.

That was in June 2009. And I did chill out for much of the summer, while I considered one story idea after another for my next book. But I kept coming back to the theme of our busy, tech-dominated lives and the fantasy of escape. In September, I posted a note on my Facebook page, asking readers where they would go if they were to pick up one day and just disappear – and the response was overwhelming, both in the number of notes and their enthusiasm. Apparently, I was not the only one fantasizing about running away. How could I not write a book about this?

BTW, if you’re one of those readers who turn to the Acknowledgment page first, you’ve just read it! In Escape, I acknowledge my readers, who were the single most important influence in the writing of this book.