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What's coming for Barbara in 2014

Young chick, old boots.  That's my theme here.  As 2013 fades to 2014, it’s only natural to think about ending the old and beginning the new.  But is that what really happens? Not in my book.  And I mean that both literally and figuratively.  I don’t see that we end and begin.  Life is a continuum.  What we do today is colored by what we did yesterday. We appreciate what’s [...]

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Christmas music and me

In theory, I don’t celebrate Christmas.  I was raised lighting candles on each of the eight nights of Chanukah, with blessings and presents and latkes to match.  But when I was growing up, everyone else on our street celebrated Christmas – everyone else in our school celebrated Christmas.  And since I was in the school chorus, I learned Christmas carols. I loved them.  Did I feel guilty about that?  Oh [...]

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