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In praise of sweet corn

'Tis the season. We've had fresh sweet corn around here for weeks now, but I’m in Massachusetts, and that corn is from Georgia, which isn't to say it isn't good, simply that it isn't local. Locally-grown produce is a big part of Sweet Salt Air, and though corn isn't a major player in the book, I want to honor it here.  I’m lucky enough, both at home and at the [...]

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Too many ads

Do you see ads? I mean, do they actually register with you? I ask this after reading an article in my local paper, The Boston Globe.  It’s about Gen Y-ers, or Millennials, and though I’m way older than they are, I like the fact that I occasionally behave like them.  They ignore ads, says this article.  Having grown up in a sea of ads, they take them for granted, just [...]

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I hear you!

The notes you send have a huge impact on me.  The most  obvious instance occurred in June, soon after Sweet Salt Air came out.  One reader said she thought the book started too slowly.  I promptly turned to my work-in-progress, reread the opening with a critical eye, then switched Chapters 1 and 2 so that the reader learns the opening plot twist sooner.  It wouldn't have worked for Sweet Salt [...]

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Ever lost your cell phone?

Panic!  We’re talking cold turkey withdrawal and then some, because cell phones have become key to our lives.  When did that happen?  Most everyone over thirty remembers when land lines were the go-to phone connection.  When one of my sons decided to cancel his land line for cell-only status, I was worried.  What if the cell malfunctioned in an emergency?  What if it ran out of juice?  What if he [...]

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