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But do you like my book?

And so comes the Monday after the first weekend you've all have with my newest book.  I sit on tenterhooks wondering, worrying, hoping. Sweet Salt Air  has actually been out and around for the sake of getting early reviews.  Part of the promotional campaign leading up to its publication entailed sending Advance Reading Copies to more than a hundred book groups around the country.  In return, they've posted reviews in [...]

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On sale now! What do I feel?

For starters, I feel like it’s about time!  I finished writing Sweet Salt Air a year ago, and though my publisher needed these months to publish the book well – and they have! – I feel like you all have waited forever.  On one hand, I want you hungry, so that you’ll race out and buy the book on the very first day it goes on sale.  On the other [...]

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Snapshots of SWEET SALT AIR

Last week's blog talked about which character in this book is my favorite, but I have other favorites here.  Since Sweet Salt Air is a highly sensual book, I’m thinking see, smell, feel, hear, and taste.  I’m calling them snapshots, because they’re just quick little moments from the book.  I guess that makes this blog an album. Favorite sight?     A ghost ship on the ocean in the early morning mist, [...]

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Are you imaginative?

Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin, and writing ... I get ideas from what I read in the news.  Here’s a perfect example.  I logged on this morning to catch the headlines at and saw this one, “How ‘GOT’ will end,” and immediately clicked through. GOT is Game of Thrones, and I’m addicted to it.  This Sunday is the Season 3 finale, but it was last Sunday’s [...]

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My favorite character in SWEET SALT AIR

  Do I play favorites when it comes to my characters?  That depends on how you define playing favorites. For starters, I couldn't spend a year writing a book about people I didn’t like.  That said, if each of them is totally loveable, the book is boring.  Also, I like to see growth in my characters, which means they have to start off being not-so-great in some part of their lives, right? [...]

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