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Learning about the ingredients in SWEET SALT AIR

I’m talking about doing research, so that I know what I’m saying when I write a book like Sweet Salt Air.  Okay.  This being fiction, technically I can do what I want.  But I pride myself on writing books that are realistic, and in cases where serious things are involved (like cord blood and stem cells and MS), I owe it to my readers to get it right. The serious [...]

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Where SWEET SALT AIR came from

Most of my books are inspired by things I read about in the newspaper. The inspiration for Sweet Salt Air was much more personal.  I have three sons, all of whom have recently had children, and when each of those babies was born, its umbilical cord blood was harvested, frozen, and stored. The premise is that cutting edge medicine is starting to use the stem cells harvested from such blood, [...]

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How much of me is in SWEET SALT AIR

June 18.  What seemed like a long way off a year ago is coming fast.  You all have been so patient.  I thank you for that. I just reread Sweet Salt Air.  I mean, wow, I've been distracted from it.  I've probably read twenty books since I finished writing it, and now I’m working on my next book, so my psychic energy has been focused on that.  No, no title for the new [...]

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